Therapy - Mapping a path for Richer more Fufilling living

Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Depression, Insomnia, and other such related behaviours are commonplace in society today. Complexity of modern day living has seen the pace of life has quickened, demands have increased and yet its sometimes hard to feel fully satisfied in your one precious life.

There are times when we feel more challenged and less able to cope. This may be because of an event at the time, that causes you to feel overwhelmed. Or this could evolve from something that happened years ago, you haven’t been quite able to overcome yet, preventing you from being your full vibrant self.

You may want to make changes, but have no idea how.
You may not even know whats up, just that you don’t feel radiant.
You may have read every self help book under the sun, but nothing has changed

Therapy provides you with a professional safe confidential environment, where you can explore what you want to, overcome obstacles and move towards experiencing greater levels of peace and overall wellbeing.

At times the distinction between coaching and therapy can become blurred and sessions are adjusted around a persons individual needs at the time. People who benefit from Therapy may experience:

Un resolved Grief & Loss
Negative thinking
Unresolved Trauma
Differculty in making confident decisions about life
Low self esteem and confidence