People who thrive in life have a coach.

Transformational coaching helps you to identify whats important to you, set goals in line with whats important and then align your magnificent unconscious mind to overcome obstacles towards achieving these desired outcomes.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams
- Oprah Winfrey


1How many sessions do I need?
Because you are unique coaching is tailored specifically for you and your needs. The number of sessions you require depends entirely on you desired outcome and your purpose in hiring me. For this reason, I am happy to arrange a free 15-minute consultation with you, You can see if I’m the right fit for you and we can determine you requirements and how I can be of service. Some people come for one off breakthrough sessions, to deal with a specific issue. Most people embrace coaching quickly realizing the ongoing benefits. There is a range of options available to you: Coaching packages (The best investment) Breakthrough Sessions (For focussed intense work) Individual Sessions (To suit your needs) Some reasons people invest in coaching. - Gaining the extra edge in what they do - Having specific goals in mind, they wish to achieve. - Increasing confidence - Changing some aspect of their life to feel more fufuilled - Gaining clarity - Identifying values that underlie motivation - Identifying core strengths and leveraging these - Exploring opportunities or challenges
2What is coaching?
Coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. It is a partnership with you honoring your expertise your own world, whilst engaging in a thought provoking creative process inspiring you towards achieving your amazing potential. The coach faciliatates the process of :Discovering, specifying, your goals and checking whether the goals are aligned to other areas in your life. • Encouraging self-discovery • Eliciting your self-generated solutions and strategies • Holding you responsible and accountable This wonderfully valuable conscious work is aligned and supported at the unconscious level for your success moving forward.
3What's a typical session like?
We will be working towards the big picture outcomes you have established at our first session. You set the agenda. We will check on your wins and progress since the previous session in line with your overall objectives. Together we will identify barriers to overcome, strengths to harness, and goals to amplify, in pursuit of your objectives. As a trusted coaching confidante, I’ll listen, act as sounding board, and at times challenge you in support of defining and achieving your outcomes. Coaching is underpinned with transformational work engaging your powerful unconscious mind, the part of you that does things automatically. Sessions will include unconscious processing to align with your conscious objectives. Depending on your preferences this may include various processes through to trance work and visualisation.
4How long does the coaching relationship last?
That’s entirely up to you and what you wish to achieve. The types of goals, the frequency of meetings and financial resources available to support coaching influence the length of the coaching relationship. Ideally it’s benficial to start with weekly sessions progressing to fornightly then possibly monthly. Many clients find value in monthly maintenance sessions once they have achieved their initial goals. Coaching packages are available to assist you in gainng a jump start to focus on your outcomes.
1Do I have to do anything in between sessions?
Yes this is the part where you get to take action and put all of your good work into place. The action you take will be based upon what you’ve identified you wish to achieve. So its all about building you up, giving you support and resources on the way to achieving your outcomes. In short everything is pointing in the one direction, aligning you to achieveing your goals.
2What's my role as a coachee?
Your role is to use the coaching process : - To gain fresh perspectives and explore possibilities. - To engage in visionary thinking and solution focussed problem solving - To set your agenda, to establish values based meaningful goals - To take inspired action in alignment with those goals - To utilise the tools, resources, processes, practices, observations to enhance yourself and acclerate your intentions - To take full responsibility for your decision making and you actions.
3What's the coaches role?
In my role as a coach I will - Actively inquire and listen to gain understanding of your circumstances and motivations - Act as a sounding board to bounce ideas and options and check for ecology, as you plan ahead and make decisions - I’ll provide you with objective perspectives that encourage self awareness and awareness of others - I’ll work with your to identify personal strengths and your values - I’ll encourage and support you towards achieving your amazing potential harnessing these strengths and providing insights into areas that you could develop - I’ll support you with transformational change processes harnessing your mighty unconscious mind - I’ll maintain professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality.
4Who hires a coach?
• People who want more out of any area in life. • People who are willing to take responsibility for where they are, identify and create a compelling future, utilizing tools, undertaking tasks and taking action. • Successful people – who wish to be even more successful. • Many business owners and leaders know the benefit in working with their unconscious mind to gain an edge. • People wanting to change automatic behaviors and overcome barriers.