Hypnosis helps you access your wonderful amazing self, and draw upon your innate abilities for change. Overcome obstacles, enhance strengths and build positive new empowering habits.

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Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is like having a handbook to run your brain it provides simple, powerful methods to change the way you think feel and act, to achieve success in those areas you’d like to improve.

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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed anxious? Is that negative voice in your head having too much airtime? Its at those times when we are faced with challenges we could use some help to turn down the volume, get on top of things, increase our resourcefulness and gain greater perspective towards experiencing positive change.

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Energy psychology & healing is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your mind and body function at their best.

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People who thrive in life have a coach. Transformational coaching helps you to identify whats important to you, set goals in line with whats important and then align your magnificent unconscious mind to overcome obstacles towards achieving these desired outcomes.

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As a transformational coach Alison loves working with people who want to live their best life more often. She coaches people to be in the right emotional state at the right time, finds out what gets in the way of that and helps people to overcome it.

She has been coaching and developing people for over two decades infusing her work with consciousness and energy to promote lasting change. Alison is passionate about sharing tools which people can use for the rest of their lives

Alison brings a spectrum of leading edge and ancient modalities to sessions for her clients to utilise for their ongoing wellbeing and success.

Through coaching with Alison, I have changed my whole outlook on life from negative to positive. I now have control on my life and where it’s heading. Life feels awesome everyday and it’s thanks to NLP with Alison Gallate

- Paul, Christchurch