Feeling stressed, overwhelmed anxious?

Is that negative voice in your head having too much airtime? Its at those times when we are faced with challenges we could use some help to turn down the volume, get on top of things, increase our resourcefulness and gain greater perspective towards experiencing positive change.

Counselling is a supportive solution focused helping relationship with the purpose of enhancing your resourcefulness to arrive at your own solutions. We work together to enrich your levels of self-awareness and understanding, building interpersonal skills and resources to apply in any area of life. We focus on the outcomes you desire. The work therefore is based in the now and the future, on occasions referencing the past. In fact we can actually work content free, if you wish.

I draw on the modalities of NLP, Person Centered Counselling, Solution focused Counselling and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is mindfulness, based cognitive approach; when journeying with you.

Counselling can help with:

Anxiety, overwhelm, stress, sleep issues, grief, depression, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, earthquake related issues, anger, phobias, self esteem, confidence, relationship issues, enhancing interpersonal skills, transitions, work place issues, career, goal setting, values identification, mindfulness, belief systems, spirituality etc.


1How many sessions do I need?
That really depends on you and your unique circumstances and challenges (or choice points as we like to call them). We can explore this in our first session together, remembering you are always in charge of determining whats right for you. We will also review this as we work together.
2Can session be funded?
Check with your workplace. Many employers these days see the value in funding counselling and coaching sessions for their employee’s wellbeing and development. I am a full member of NZAC (MNZAC) and a professional member of NZANLP, which some organisations require to provide funding for counselling.
3Why should I choose a member of NZAC?
NZAC counsellors are required to meet standards of training, ongoing professional development and accountability to ensure they offer a safe, respectful and effective service. They also have regular supervision.
4There are lots of types of counselling, which one works best?
We know from research that the relationship between the client and the counsellor has more effect than the type of counselling used. Most counsellors use a range of different modalities or ways of working and know how to find the way that works best for each client. The most important thing is to look for a counsellor with whom you feel comfortable, safe and respected.
5Do you provide workplace support?
Yes. Organisations often refer their staff and fund employee sessions. For more information with regard to this ring me and we can have a chat about how this may benefit you and your workplace.