I believe when we commit to our own growth we can literally change the world. In enabling our fullest potential we raise our consciousness and collectively transform our own lives, the lives of our family, our community, workplace, environment and ultimately the world.

Alison Gallate - Transformational Coach

Alison loves working with people who want to live their best life more often. She coaches people to be in the right emotional state at the right time, finds out what gets in the way of that and helps people to overcome it.

She has been coaching and developing people for over two decades infusing her work with consciousness and energy to promote lasting change. Alison is passionate about sharing tools which people can use for the rest of their lives.

She is professionally certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, HNLP Coach, NLP Trainer and has Diplomas in Counseling, Healing Energies and Te Ara Taki Manu Korero.

Alison brings a spectrum of leading edge and ancient modalities to sessions for her clients to utilise for their ongoing wellbeing and success.

We see things not as they are, but as we are. Life, the way you feel about it is optional
- Abraham

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What are your qualifications and professional memberships?

I have been working privately as a coach since 2000, and prior to that for many years in change management within a large customer service based organisation. As a professional NZANLP Member I have received coach-specific training, and achieved a designated number of experience hours and attend regular supervision. To maintain my professional membership each year I am required to engage in continuing professional development (which is a passion) and have regular supervision (which I also am qualified to provide).

I am also on the registration board for NZANLP.

As a Full Member of NZAC I have a Diploma in Counselling, completed over 500 client face to face hours, undergo regular clinical supervision, and attend regular professional training and development. I abide by the NZANLP and NZAC codes of ethics.


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (HNLP)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • ACT Therapy
  • Person Centered Counselling
  • Energy Psychology (EFT)
  • Energy Healing

Professional Affiliations:

  • Professional Member NZANLP (MNZANLP)
  • NZANLP Registration board member
  • Full Member NZAC (MNZAC)
  • Member Healing Touch Association (MHT)


  • Master Practitioner and Trainer NLP
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • HNLP Coach
  • Dip. Counselling ARA
  • Dip. Healing Energies. Healing Energies Foundation
  • Dip. Te Ara Manu Korero
  • Certificate in Applied Business Studies