• Paul Kircher, Director
    Coaching with Alison I have been able to improve my focus and self-belief. I now have an amazing set of skills I can use to improve and control any situation I may face.  I personally am a huge fan of Alison’s trance methods. After a session with Alison that finishes up with trance I feel the world is mine to have, and it is! But all this would not be as much fun or interesting if Alison wasn’t my guide.  Alison has an awesome warm personality, which I look forward to. I would and have recommended Alison to any person wanting to get that extra spark and focus out of life.
    Paul Kircher, Director
  • Paul
    Through coaching with Alison, I have changed my whole outlook on life from negative to positive. I now have control on my life and where it’s heading. Life feels awesome everyday and it’s thanks to NLP with Alison Gallate
  • Michelle Leask
    Alison’s coaching has helped me work on assessing what is really important to me in life. By clarifying what I wanted and what inspired me, I could direct my energy in these areas.Without Alison’s facilitation and guidance I would still be wasting my energy on things that are insignificant to me.  With directed energy, passion and belief I achieved lifetime goals within 18 months of my first coaching session.
    Michelle Leask
    Business Development Manager
  • Kit, Christchurch
    Alison is  a deeply caring and exceptionally high-vibration person. She is highly skilled, experienced and intuitive, with many strings to her bow. I love that she brings a collection of tools and modalities into our sessions. Thanks to her awesome guidance and coaching  I've had many "aha moments" and transforming experiences. I really honour Alison as a change-agent and inspiring mentor on this planet and I'm so thankful for her presence in my life both as a coach, counsellor and hypnotherapist.
    Kit, Christchurch
  • Hamish Conway
    As an entrepreneur I want to get results fast. I'd tried all sorts of approaches to 'getting what I want in my life', but with little change or impact. However since working with Alison I've been getting exactly what I want- fast and easily! Alison's approach is the missing link to most goal setting philosophies. Be prepared to be surprised at how quickly positive things will happen for you
    Hamish Conway
    Ernst & Young, 2002 Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Barbara  Belger
    Alison brilliantly combines her excellence in NLP, energy healing and coaching and i truly believe that she is one of the best ‘healers’ that I have come across in New Zealand. Her combination of skills is what I personally put all my trust in and what is absolutely needed at this time in our humanity’s evolution. I can from all my heart recommend Alison to everybody and can be contacted any time for any further questions.
    Barbara  Belger
  • C Luke
    How can I put into words all that you have done for me, to be honest I couldn’t do you justice. Thank you for affirming what skills I do have and the confidence to recognize and use them again.  Thank you for the new skills and confidence you have gifted me that add value to my toolkit.  Thank you for working with me, along side me and leading me through the challenges of change and growth.  With these things I am able to grow as an individual and as a leader in my workplace and my home and will continue to do so. Arohanui
    C Luke
    Service Centre Manager
  • B. Coles, Director
    Alison is an amazing sounding board, the skills she can share with you to use in your own existence will amaze you,

    B. Coles, Director
    Furnish Scene
  • K. Soper
    I was at a point in my life that I could not move forward and was stuck and going nowhere.  Anxiety was a major factor in my life and was holding me back.  Alison showed me how to regain my life with various tools and techniques using NLP.  These tools are easy to use and can be used anywhere and are life long.  Coaching with Alison has had a major impact on me and I can now see how my thinking was affecting my life. I can highly recommend this NLP coaching course for anyone who is willing to be open to new techniques and ideas.  It really is remarkable.  Alison makes you feel at ease and explains the techniques in a way that is very easy to understand.  Alison is a remarkable inspiring person with a great gift of knowledge and encouragement.
    K. Soper
  • Linda Perkins
    This was the best investment in my people that I have made with tangible results. Through coaching with Alison my managers have added increased value to the business on a personal and professional level.They have gained greater confidence in their ability and actively put themselves forward seeking improvement and new opportunity.  The flow on effect being an increase in theirTeams overall performance.  
    Linda Perkins