Hypnosis helps you access your wonderful amazing self, and draw upon your innate abilities for change. Overcome obstacles, enhance strengths and build positve new empowering habits.

Most of what we do in life, we do automatically. If you had a way to access that part of the brain that does things automatically, so that you could update it, change it around, so you can get the results you want would you be interested?

Would you be even more interested knowing you are in total control, listening to everything, deeply relaxed on the outside, while changing profoundly on the inside? If so then Hypnosis is for you

We make a conscious choice to change, but change only happens at the unconscious level. Have you ever tried to lose weight? You’ve set your goal, you’re determined, and yet, those old automatic behaviours sneak in when its late in the afternoon and you find yourself reaching for a snack. Those behaviours are unconscious and automatic.

Its when you align your unconscious mind with your goals and harnesses your innate wisdom, you the extra edge. This is turbo boosted coaching and therapy. Some experts believe our unconscious mind is up to a million times more powerful than our conscious mind.

Think about it.

While you're sitting here reading this information, your mind is considering these words, and wondering how hypnosis can benefit you. All the while your unconscious is regulating your heart beat, breathing your lungs, absorbing your food, eliminating waste, mutiplying cells, growing your hair and your nails and so so much more…and you don’t even need to think about that consciously. This unconscious part holds the innate wisdom that makes you, you.

Hypnosis helps you access your wonderful amazing self, and draw upon your innate abilities for change. In the first 7 years of our lives our minds are in a hypnogogic state, that is we absorb information like a sponge. That information goes on to unconsciously form our beliefs, our values and our attitudes, which determine how we behave in the outside world. Some of those beliefs can be formed at a very young age and held in the unconscious.

These undesirable unconscious habits can continue to form when we have a significant emotional experiences (the good habits can form too!) A lot of that information is really, really useful, and some of it is not. (Think Stress, anxiety, self criticism etc)

It’s the information that has formed into undesirable habits and limiting beliefs, that is useful to change.

Through deep guided relaxation (Hypnotherapy) you can again access that hypnogogic state. In this state, the unconscious mind is malliable and with guidance can change and release those old undesirable behaviours and enhance those great habits and strengths.


1Will I dance like a chicken?
That’s the most common question I get asked. My answer to that is not unless you want to. There is a huge differnece between stage hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Stage hypnotism is for entertainment. Hypnotherapy is for ecological growth and wellbeing. No one can make you do anything which is against your values. In fact no one can make you do anything at all. All Hypnosis is self hypnosis, which mean you are totally in control. You can stop whenever you like, (though why would you?).
2I can’t be hypnotised.
It’s perfectly normal to think you’re not in trance, because you can hear everyword being said. Its also perfectly normal to experience a time distortion where you think you have been relaxing for 5 minutes when in actual fact you’ve been relaxing for 25minutes. Believe it or not, we are in trance many times everyday day. Hypnosis allows you to take control of the trance you’re in rather than be at the wim of random external influences. Have you ever driven across town and not remebered the journey, due to being engrossed in thought? That’s a form of trance. Have you ever be so absorbed in a book or a movie that other people have been talking to you and you haven’t realised. That’s a form of trance.
3What is Trance?
Trance put simply is a fixated state of attention. We can utilise this state to bypass the barriers of the conscious logical mind and tap into your infinate potential. Hypnosis enables a deep connection with our unconscious mind and our greater selves. It’s a deliciously relaxed learning state, which enhances our communication with our body. All you need to do is allow your comfort to deepen and enjoy the journey. You may drift, you may dream, you may compile the shopping list in your mind, while experiencing trance, either way is perfect. Sometimes we think that we’ve got to listen to every single word, but that’s not the case. As your mind drifts and its okay for your mind to drift. Your unconscious mind absorbs the new strategies and the empowering resources and belief systems which will really support you. So drifting is absolutely fine. In this place of learning and growing, you remain aware of what’s happening while enjoying deep relaxation as you’re conscious and you unconscious become more aligned with your goal your vision and your mission. Just notice what happens, enjoy the relaxation & more important enjoy the results you begin to see. You’ll feel deeply refreshed after a session. Sometimes people feel more tired than usual, as this is the first time in ages their bodies have relaxed so deeply. Once people let all that tension go, the body is able to feel how tired it actually is. The bonus is that 20 minutes of hypnosis has the equivalent effect of full nights sleep. So you’re up on the day having deeply relaxed your body, gained emotional clarity and aligned your goals at the unconscious level. All while resting.
4I don’t want to give up control
You don’t give up control. In fact you’re in more control than ever before. Wew are working with your choosen area of focus. A hypnotherapists role is that of a facilitator, a guide. You have already outlined what you want to achieve. The hypnotherapist will support you in the process. All hypnosis is self hypnosis.
5Who are your clients?
I work with a range of wonderful people. Many business owners and professional people know the value in coaching especially the extra benfits hypnosis allows. Several complimentary health professionals refer their clients for sessions to align with the good work they are performing with their clients. Sometimes people reach a plateau and its useful to engage their whole being in their journey towards a rich and fufilling life.