"All there is is energy" – Einstein

Energy psychology & healing is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your mind and body function at their best.

Your body contains a complex array of flowing energies powered by an intelligence that exceeds the understanding of your conscious mind. Invisible energies shape the way you feel, the way you think and the way you live.These subtle energies dwell within you and are around you and are the key to energy healing. When these energies are flowing well you feel alive, vibrant and full of the joys of life.

When stressed, either by work, emotions or in response to modern day toxins in the environment blocks may be created in the bodies energy field. Sustained blocks can create imbalances in health, affecting our vitality and wellbeing. It is beneficial to treat imbalance's in the energy field before they progress into a symptom that is far more difficult to reverse.

In every culture and every medical tradition before ours healing was accomplished by moving energy. The Ancients knew what modern science now considers leading edge. The science of quantum physics explores the smallest particles of matter and how matter appears to be governed by intelligent organizing energy fields in us, surrounding us and connecting us.

Using specific techniques the human energy field can be enhanced, recharged and cleared to promote greater health and wellbeing. Charging your energy field, improves your health and wellbeing; uplifts the energies of those around you and in turn has a flow on effect for your environment.


1Is their an explanation for how Energy healing works?

Nobody really know the intricacies of how energy healing works. As scientists investigate the composition of physical matter, they have found that the smallest building blocks of nature, such as electrons and protons are made up of even smaller particles. They now believe that at its base, matter may not be made of particles at all - more like strings of vibrating energy.

This implies our entire universe is a vibrating energy field and everything in it is comprised at its basis, of energy, including us. The slower vibrating energy we see as the physical world our bodies, animals, plants and more dense matter or material items. Finer matter is less visible and invisible. That’s not to say that it doesn't exist.

We can't see electricity however we know of its power and capability and benefit largely from its existence, to the point where we are dependent on it in our modern day lives.

Within this large vibrating energy field we have our own unique energy fields. Our energy fields contain our blueprint for our physical bodies. Our physical bodies immersed and dependent on these energy fields are in fact continually vibrating at a subtle level, moving energies and information throughout every cell in our physical and energetic body and the greater universal field.

Every cell in our body stores and emits energy. Every body process involves energetic transfer. Every emotion involves some degree of energy as does every thought. Energy is at the basis of our existence.

We can connect with energy fields to clear; charge and restore optimal flow just as ancient cultures have always done.

This awareness and understanding presents a whole new paradigm in how we live, explore and view our potential. We can affect change, internally and externally.

Always and in always you are far more than you think you are - John Overdurf

2The MIND-BODY connection

The bodies’ energy intelligence operates at the unconscious level, beneath the conscious minds radar. In recent years scientists have used the term subtle energy to describe previously undetected though apparently intelligent forces in the environment and the body. These subtle energies can be influenced through the unconscious mind.

A growing body of scientific evidence now proves that our thoughts appear to emit subtle energy and in turn influence our world.

Simply thinking a happy thought or a sad thought instantly changes the chemicals being produced in the emotional centers of your brain. The power we have in any given moment is the power to change our state of mind and therefore, the multitude of chemical reactions that are activated within our body, governed by the thought we are having.

Think about what stresses you the most - where do you feel it in your body? Now think your most joyful thought, what uplifts you the most, what inspires you? Notice the state change? Notice how you feel in your body.

When we are stressed we hold this energy for a long period of time until it becomes our default pattern. We get so used to it we don't always consciously notice it. Prolonged stress causes blocks or disturbances in our field, and does not allow free flowing energies to enliven us. If we hold this stress too long it manifests as illness in the body. Illness shows up as a disturbance in the energy field before it manifests in in physical symptoms.

Change your thinking processes and you will change your energy. Change your energy and you will change your bodies responses, and your effect in the world.

3What is the focus of Energy Healing?

Energy healing is based on the assessment and treatment of the energy field to keep the bodies energies healthy, as opposed to diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and illnesses.

The focus is on assessing where the bodies energies are blocked or not in harmony and correcting the flow these energies. Illness may provide clues about where these energies are disturbed, but are not the focus of energy medicine.

Empowered patients in the medical system are utilizing complimentary approaches in their wellness care and growing numbers of healthcare professionals are incorporating an energy perspective into their practices However it is important to note energy healing is not designed as a substitute by qualified health professional.

4What happens in a session?

I utilise a number of modalities she has worked with over the years. Each persons session will vary according to their specific needs. Alison will discuss with you your individual needs You will be in a safe relaxing environment Utilizing healing energy, generally you will lie on a massage table, fully clothed and relax. With your permission I'll place my hands on various parts of your body enabling energy to flow, clear blockages, charge your energy field and enhance your bodies innate healing ability.

Some people can feel the energy, while others can't. People generally leave a session feeling refreshed, energized and invigorated. Each persons experience will be unique to them.

5How many sessions do I need?

Your reason for the session will assist in determining repeat sessions and their frequency if required. There is a limit to how much work can be achieved in one session and often it is optimal to come for several sessions, at specific intervals as the body integrates the changes. Many clients find regular session highly beneficial.

A session combining other modalities may involve, talking techniques, relaxation, visualization and energy healing whilst sitting or moving around. Each session is customized specifically to the persons needs at the time.

6Can I try it at home?
Have a go…

Rub you hands together for 20seconds Now pull them apart and hold them parallel. Chances are you will be able to feel the build up of energy between you hands. Now play with them move them up and down in and out. Can you feel the variations in energy? This is your energy field (well a portion of it).

7What’s Energy psychology?

Energy psychology is a collection of mind-body approaches for understanding and improving our human functioning. It acknowledges the energetic interactions that take place in our day. The energy we hold, the energy others hold and how we can affect these energies for greater harmony success and happiness. Within the context of energy psychology, there are many approaches we can draw upon to shift energies, clear blockages, gain greater understanding and attain results.

One of the simplest and easily teachable modalities for change I draw upon is Emotional Freedom Techinque (EFT) otherwise know as tapping.